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Gone are the days of throwing together a website, leaving it be and giving it a check once in a while. If only it were that easy. A website is a living extension of you or your business. It represents your interest 24 hours a day 365 days a year. More than likely it will be the first impression a user or potential customer will see as a representation of your business. Finding your website, along with keeping it relevant and competitive on search engines, is what SEO Services are all about. Visitors to your site should feel comfortable with navigation and easily find what they are searching for. How your site interacts with users will depend on your target audience. A children's website may have a character to interact with, a professional business can have a questionnaire that drives customers to new content and eventually to one or more of the website's goals. These goals can be anything from a simple email to contact information or an online purchase. It important to remember that all of this is being done by your representative online and they never take a break.

Content Strategy and Optimization

Search Engine Optimization services for your site will be customized for your websites needs. Optimization and Content Strategy of your site will begin at its creation and continue throughout the life of your website.  Content Optimization will be of the highest quality possible, providing the information that the target audience searched for and be written in the way the target audience will relate to.

Your site will be optimized to engage customers, this relies on design and content that users will want to share with others. These interactions with other users improve search engine visibility and why social media optimization is a very important part of any SEO strategy. Design content should always reflect the character of the target audience, for example a children's website content would relate to the target age of the audience. Wording and visual images should be a reflection of the target audience, making your site an inviting part of a familiar environment. That is the standard norm but there are many sites that come up with new and unique ideas that have attracted many people of different ages, ethnic groups and other countries. One never knows if their idea is the next Facebook, Pet Rock or New must have Fashion Design until they take a chance and get it out there but it must be seen first and SEO Services are what makes that happen.

Keywords are the words that are most likely to be used in searches by users for the specific thing they are searching for. Certain keywords are expensive when running an Ad Campaign but that's another article. Keywords for your website must be used naturally in content. Overuse of keywords, also called stuffing, has become ineffective and will definitely get your site dropped in search rankings. It is important to understand how, why and where to use keywords properly in optimization to achieve visibility, relevance and ranking in search engines.

Optimization will not just be limited your website as there are maps, ads and social media to optimize along with many other media outlets to consider. As a customer many of these services are included along with the peace of mind that your site will be checked daily for load issues, optimized for mobile devices, contain current sitemaps and checked to ensure that internal links are kept relevant.

Pricing SEO Services

The Search Engine Optimization services that we provide can be charged on either a monthly or hourly rate. Website optimization is included in 3 of the hosting plans but can be charged at an hourly rate assessed on an individual project's needs.

Hourly rates for service usually run between $45 and $125 per hour.

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