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Analytical Data

MSCSNJ collects website analytical data from both Bing and Google.

Advanced, Complete and Business account levels have accounts created with access to data from both included.

If your reading this then your likely interested in analytical data for an existing site or a site you may be planning. Since there are endless volumes of information and opinions on the web that you can read about and I don’t want to write a novel, I’ll only touch on important subjects. We’ll be using Google Analytics as our guide since it is where almost all your important data will be coming from.

Benefits of Analytics

I won’t list every benefit of Google Analytics and since this is my opinion, I should say the best and most beneficial thing about Analytics is that, in my opinion, it’s free. Anyone willing to take the time to learn can acquire the skills to administer an analytical account. Of course, if you have a business, a family, a home or just kids. You probably don’t have the time to sit and learn an entire global data collection reporting system.  If you do and you’re a DYI (do it yourself) kind of person then start here or here.

The ability to identify the pages and links visitors to your site use most is an invaluable tool that gives you the benefit of knowing:

  • what is popular on your site,
  • where you need improvement and
  • if traffic is being directed to the right pages.

It is also possible to see which pages are not doing well with analysis of your website data. With this data you can perform modifications to those pages and fine tuning to other specific areas of your site then you will able to see if your changes are bringing in more customers and conversions.

Locating your site is imperative, with analytics you’ll be able to find out how visitors are locating your site and what keywords they are typing in to find your site.

To know your visitors is to know your customers. An analytics report can provide endless details about your customers which you can learn more about here. Simply put, this data can provide you with referral sources and which of those sources generate the most income revenue for your business.

When starting out with a new site it’s important to remember that new sites starting analytics have small amounts of data as they start out but over time the data and the keywords list will grow quickly.

Marketing Data

The goal of any marketing campaign is conversions. When a customer arrives on yours site to view your product this is called a “hit” if that visitor purchases your product this is called a “conversion”. Conversions are the only reason to have a website. The goal of every public website is to make a conversion. A conversion can be anything from having visitors engage in your site to a purchase of a product on your site. Simply put, a conversion is any action on your site that you care about.

More information regarding campaigns and acquisition data can be found here.

Data Studio

Each customer has an account with data studio created, from here you can look at custom reports with custom dates. Reports are generated and sent to clients on their requested schedules. Any client can create detailed reports or dashboards. Data Studio has the tools you need to easily bring your data analysis together, create compelling visualizations, and share insights.

Once you have your raw data, it will need to be compiled into complete and meaningful information. With Data Studio, MSCSNJ can turn your data dimensions and metrics into powerful reports with informative data, charts and graphs.

The account setup and administration are included with all our accounts except the Basic Hosting Account. If you would like to learn more about the Data Studio visit the google website here.

For more information or to get a free quote call: 609-878-8068 or visit Analytics Help.

As a note I should mention that this page was created because I received data showing customers arriving to this site looking for information on Google Analytics. They did not find much so I created this page quickly, which is why its lacking in every way but I will modify it based on the data I collect and hopefully make it more engaging with many more conversions.